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Is Your Racquets Grip Causing Your Elbow Pain?

The size of your tennis racquets grip may be a contributing factor in developing elbow pain from pathologies such as tennis elbow.  Prolonged use of a grip that is too small requires more muscular force to prevent the racquet from twisting in your hand when striking the ball.  A grip that is too large requires more force to prevent the racquet from slipping out of the hand during contact.  Repetitive stresses may eventually lead to tendonitis.

To measure your grip size, hold your racquet with a forehand grip.  You should be able to fit the index finger of your non-hitting hand in the space between your ring finger and palm.  If there is not enough space, then your grip is too small.  If there is more space than the width of your finger, than your grip is too big.

Grip size can be increased with overgrip or a heat shrink sleeve.  A reduction in grip size typically requires a different sized racquet.  Consultation at your local Pro Shop can help to resolve any grip issues you may encounter.

By Steve Bernstein, PT, OMT