The Evolution of the Perfect Push-up

(Part 2 of Get stronger with the perfect push-up)

In the first installment, we covered the proper technique for a push-up. Now we will cover a few variations and progressions of the push-up. These variations and progressions can add new challenges to your body weight workouts and keep your workouts fresh. Remember, push-ups of all sorts challenge core and shoulder stabilization, plus strength at different angles and planes.

So, to start with the progressions:

Basic or beginner would be to have your hands on an elevated surface such as a wall or counter top (then kneeling push-ups). Moving to the Intermediate level would be your traditional military style push-up. The advanced level would include elevating your feet or adding movements in different planes to a push-up (i.e. arms or legs on a ball or moving arms in legs through different motions).

*Remember from the first blog, always maintain the perfect push-up positioning

*Some of the advanced variations can be utilized during basic set-up as well

Next, push-up variations:

For the most part these variations are for intermediate to advanced individuals.

Single-Arm Push-Ups

  • Assume a tripod position with legs spread wide and hand directly beneath chest
  • Perform push-ups, using opposite hand for extra support if needed

Spiderman Push-Ups

  • Crawl forward on the ground and perform a Push-Up with your knee at your elbow
  • Take a step forward on the opposite side and repeat
  • Continue in this pattern

Physioball Push-Ups

  • Assume push-up position with your hands on a physioball
  • Perform push-ups, keeping core tight to maintain balance

For more information, click here.

*Always consult your physician before attempting any fitness or workout program.

By: Rocco Ferraiolo PTA, NASM-certified


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